GRAN BAZAAR  .  Calle Uruquay 40, Centro Historico, Mexico City  .  dimensions variable.  2006

Sally O’Reilly: I can understand in a way your tumble back towards objects - they are so alluring and making is so satisfying. Although it is a very politicized position to circumvent the art commodity, it is not the only way to subvert a system. The gift is another process by which the cycle of economy is broken. Objects can also act as catalysts for events, actions, ideas. The agency of relational acts has perhaps been over-emphasized over the last decade, and the fact of the matter is that a relational practice is simply taking on the model of the service economy rather than the commodity-based one. It is still a reference to a late capitalist model. Perhaps object-hood, with its art-historical connotations, might be more subversive in some situations. Personally, I love the tactility of printed matter, yet I know this is ecologically bad and the Internet is so much more democratic. But there you go - we are a mess of contradictions and it is hard to keep one's nose clean.