Published by CORACLE PRESS for the Butler Gallery, Ireland

Notional, drawing monograph by Katie Holten, published by Coracle Press


Published jointly between Coracle Press and the Butler Gallery in Kilkenny Ireland, Notional looks and reads like Katie Holten’s sketchbook. Printed in blue ink on thick gray pages, the notes, drawings, diagrams, instructions, lists, occasional poems, definitions, and musings are accompanied by yellow post-it notes pasted right onto the page. The Butler Gallery described her work as "that of both dreamer and doer. Her proliferating drawings, which oscillate between crudeness and delicacy, the slapdash and the finely honed, resemble quasi-scientific schemata. They are graphic reminders of the purposeless, focus-free exhilaration of the act of imagining for its own sake. Her works recall the childhood pleasures of mapping out imaginary territories, of dreaming up impossible schemes, of escaping, however briefly, into a world of delicious fantasy." This book distills that fantasy.

NOTIONAL, monograph by Katie Holten with drawings, published by Coracle Press.

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Katie Holten's hard cover monograph accompanied her exhibition, A Recent History of What's Possible at the Butler Gallery, Kilkenny, Ireland. Katie's unorthodox drawing-based practice combines a use of traditional materials such as drawings on paper with more unexpected elements like transplanted weeds, plasticine, wool, video, text. From floor to ceiling, sheets of drawings, notes, doodles, plans and notes-to-self offer starting points, digressions, theories and plans. Facsimile notebook with texts by the artist. Limited numbered edition of 300 copies

NOTIONAL, drawing monograph of artist Katie Holten, published by Coracle Press.


  • Publisher: Coracle Press with Butler Gallery

  • City: Clonmel, Ireland

  • Year: 2003

  • Pages: 76 pp.

  • Dimensions: 17 x 14 cm.

  • Cover: Paper over boards casebound

  • Binding: Glue bound with printed endpapers

  • Process: Offset with rubber stamps and tip-ins

  • Color: Mixed

  • Edition Size: 300 numbered copies

  • ISBN: 0906630193