In 2003 Katie Holten represented Ireland at the 50th Venice Biennale with Laboratorio della Vigna, a site-specific work that explored the ecosystem of the city.

The project involved on-site research, meetings, and expeditions that looked at the infrastructure - cultural, political and ecological - within Venice as well as its connections to the wider world, culminating in a series of booklets, performances and dialogues presented at the Irish Pavilion.

Ten years later Holten returned to the city to look at how these systems have evolved. The residency in May 2013 included walks, conversations, garden visits, and wandering discussions with locals and other experts from various disciplines. The project culminated in a series of drawings, maps, and ongoing conversations.

- May 8, 10am (conversation: Dept. of Environmental Sciences, University Ca' Foscari

- May 9, 3pm (secret garden walk: Cannaregio)

- May 12-14 (random conversations and walks)

- May 15, 10am (weed walk: Campo Celestia - Giardini - San Francesco della Vigna)

- May 24, 11.30am (conversation: Giardini)

- May 31, 5-7pm (conversation: Rialto Terrace)