Walks *

New York

April 27 - May 31, 2014

Katie Holten went for a walk every day of the show. Joined by a diverse group - artists, scientists, writers and local residents - Holten traced the urban landscape, while wondering on the potentials of drawing. The public was invited to join some walks.

- April 27 - a walk with Dan Graham and Mieko Meguro

- April 28 - a loop

- April 29 - a walk to the water with Samuel Bordreuil and Mariateresa Sartori

- April 30 - a walk in the rain

- May 1 - a walk across the island with Mariateresa Sartori and guests

- May 2 - a sound walk with Richard Garet

- May 3 - a Jane Jacobs walk with Ellen Harvey

- May 4 - a walk in Central Park with Mariateresa Sartori

- May 5 - a walk in search of fake rocks in Union Square

- May 6 - a Blast from the Past with Jessamyn Fiore

- May 7 - a walk with Richard Wentworth

- May 8 - a walk on Randall's island

- May 9 - rewinding Richard Wentworth's walk

- May 10 - a walk past some favorite buildings with William Corwin

- May 11 - an epic walk with Julien Bismuth, Eugenia Lai and guests

- May 12 - a loop on Randall's Island

- May 13 - a dog walk with Po and Christine Zehner

- May 14 - a walk with Chloe Piene and friends

- May 15 - Walking on Water with Marie Lorenz

- May 16 - a walk After Richard Long with Aengus Woods

- May 17 - a random walk

- May 18 - a walk from 116th Street to 16th Street

- May 19 - a weed and water walk with Eve Mosher

- May 20 - a stroll in the village with Serkan Ozkaya

- May 21 - a loop

- May 22 - an evening walk

- May 23 - a walk to the ocean

- May 24 - a hill walk

- May 25 - an ocean loop

- May 26 - a walk along the ocean's edge

- May 27 - a stroll with Seamus Moran to expunge negative energy

- May 28 - a Storm King city walk

- May 29 - a heavy metal walk with Atif Akin

- May 30 - a walk in Prospect Park with Daniel Smith

- May 31 - a nature walk with E.J. McAdams

* Walks was a project for Linea | Katie Holten and Mariateresa Sartori curated by Kathy Battista for BOSI Contemporary, 48 Orchard Street, New York, April 27 - May 31, 2014.

Linea is accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue with texts by Kathy Battista, Samuel Bordreuil and a conversation between Katie Holten and Sarah Sze.

Walk, April 27
Walk, April 27 2014, with Kathy Battista, Dan Graham and Mieko Meguro. Photo: Eva O'Leary

Walk, May 7
Walk, May 7 2014, with Richard Wentworth. Photo: Eva O'Leary

In 2003 Katie Holten represented Ireland at the 50th Venice Biennale with Laboratorio della Vigna, a site-specific work that explored the ecosystem of the city. The project involved on-site research, meetings, and expeditions that looked at the infrastructure - cultural, political and ecological - within Venice as well as its connections to the wider world, culminating in a series of booklets, performances and dialogues presented at the Irish Pavilion.

Ten years later - May 2013 - Holten returned to the city to look at how these systems have evolved. The residency included walks, conversations, garden visits, and wandering discussions with locals and other experts from various disciplines. During her residency in Venice Katie met local artist Mariateresa Sartori. Kathy Battista has invited them to share their love of drawing and attempts at mapping the intangibles of daily life through an exploration of the expanded field of drawing.

Venice, Ten Years Later, 2013
Ten Years Later, 2013. Walking in Venice with horticulturalist Gabriella Buffa and curator Valerie Connor.